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A Brand New, High-Power Forex Website Hits the Market with a Bang -

The new Forex Razor Social Trading website is one of the most powerful websites to hit the market in a single release, ever.

Forex Razor Social TradingDevelopment on the site began as far back as the days when was the only tool to analyze and share trading performance statistics.  Since then, we have seen some innovative companies expand on this initial concept by skillfully constructing far more advanced systems to analyze trading performance and share it with others.  Here at, we see our own contribution in the constantly evolving chain of improvements coming in the form of significant advancements in precision, transparency and a handful of very useful features never seen before, such as the ability to define trading robots per trading account and then search out all accounts using a particular robot, customizable widgets, trading journals, etc.

Excel Markets Trading Contest - All Cash PrizesThe vision for the ForexRazor site has always been to provide traders with everything they need to succeed – a one-stop shop if you will – while being a skilfully-moderated community of traders interacting as mature adults and avoiding the petty cliquishness many of us grown weary of.

Besides the most accurate and sophisticated trading account performance analyzer available today, Razor boasts a large spectrum of features. Some of the features are: a huge forex education resource with hundreds of pages of high quality content developed by literary and trading professionals and organized into easy to navigate and intuitive sections of progressively advanced topics, an ultra-fast economic calendar, a Test Lab where ForexRazor's money is used to test trading robots on live accounts as well as demo accounts, a sophisticated economic impact analyzer, forex industry user reviews, and forex trading contests with large cash prizes and real-time performance tracking.

Each and every trader can own a complete social profile with Facebook-style social wall and friend/group activity stream that includes robust privacy and sharing options, trader profile, images, linked trading accounts, friends and groups membership, and reputation systems including user 'Likes' and 'Points' to measure both participation levels and 'likeability'.

Equally, traders can open their own trading groups and become a moderator of their own group which includes open, closed or private membership, group discussion forums, linked trading accounts of group members and also a Facebook style wall and activity stream.

The ForexRazor article section includes unique articles written by our very own trading professionals, including a highly-successful retired veteran trader and our automated trading guru and EA developer who works full time in our forum, school, EA Test Lab and elsewhere throughout the site.

The trading tools section includes many useful tools such as various calculators and web charts, and a software repository to rate, download and comment on trading indicators, scripts and EA's.
The site layout is clean and easy to navigate, subscriptions and profile are easy to manage, and while there are a lot of features and many more sub-features we have found users are able to navigate effectively and features are intuitive. We have made up a list of website features, and while it doesn't detail every single feature, it will paint a solid picture of what the Forex Razor site has to offer. 
We do hope you enjoy, learn and share, and we are grateful for every feedback we receive, whether good or bad.  With such a multi-faceted system with many components and being so new, we certainly expect to uncover bugs but we are dedicated to quickly fixing any issues that are discovered.  We kindly ask that should you encounter any issue, or just have some feedback for us, click the link in the top right of the site 'Suggestions and Bugs' and leave us a forum post, or, contact us privately through the contact us link at the bottom of the website.  Thanks!

Stats - Analyze and Share Trading Account Performance Metrics

Stats - Analyze and Share Trading Account Performance MetricsThe 'Stats' system connects with servers hosted at your broker to download, analyze, and display your trading statistics at a much deeper level than provided by your trading platform.  Metrics are displayed in industry standard reporting format such as 'Time weighted return' and all statistics are calculated by comparing historical positions to historical quotes, thereby calculating historical and current equity and other metrics like maximum drawdown to a high degree of precision.

All you need to do to connect your own trading account is register a free ForexRazor account and add your trading account by choosing the broker and broker server you login to, and inputting your account number and read-only/investor password.  According to our extenstive research the Razor stats system is the most accurate and sophisticated of it's kind on the web today.  On the outside it looks like other statistical analyzers, but to achieve a high degree of accuracy the architecture is completely different.  As it is over a thousand times more processor intensive to calculate statistics for every moment of an account as compared to the simpler methodology other websites are using, you may have to wait up to 5 minutes for calculations to when you initially add your account.

Other websites log equity every so often and calculate a single equity calculation at end of day, so any time before the system was added to the website entire days of equity activity is missing except for a single calculation at the end of the day, and even once the account is connected, all time between the intervals of equity logging is not accounted for thus spikes can easily occur that are not recorded as drawdown. 

The system is also designed for a high degree of transparency, for instance, if the system does not have sufficient, high-fidelity historical quotes data on a particular financial instrument, users are alerted in a highly visible message box. You have theoption to keep your trading account information completely private, shared with your friends and/or group members, or completely public. You can also use detail permission settings to hide and reveal only certain parts of your account.
Forex Razor Social Trading - Performance Test Lab  

Performance Test Lab

ForexRazor performs performance testing on commercial products like expert advisors using either demo accounts or live accounts with our own funds.
Forex Razor School  

Forex School

One of the largest free forex educational resources on the web, the Razor Forex School consists of hundreds of pages of education from the most basic topics up to advanced topics like programming automated trading robots.
Forex Razor Economic Calendar  

Economic Calendar

One of the fastest economic calendars on the web, utilizing http push technology to immediately push out economic data as it is received, without requiring action from the user.
Forex Razor Economic Impact Analyzer  

Economic Impact Analyzer

Razor Economic Impact Analyzer provides traders with a fast and reliable method to research the impact a given economic event had on the market for each historical instance of the event.
Forex Razor Trader Profile  

Trader Profile

Trader profiles include connected trading accounts using the stats system, a Facebook  style wall and activity stream from your friends and fellow group members, full trader profile information and background, groups, friends, and photos.  Profiles and profile features have configurable privacy permissions.
Forex Razor Social Trading Groups  


Create and moderate your own trading group complete with Facebook style wall and activity stream, group discussion forum, images, group profile and news feed, and member management.  Groups may open, closed to require permission to join, or completely private and invisible to the community.
Forex Razor Social Trading Contests  

Trading Contests

Trading contests allow users to create a contest demo account automatically and compete for cash and other prizes.
Forex Razor Editorial, News and Analysis  


Razor authors produce completely unique and high-quality articles, ranging from daily analytics and occasional trade suggestions by professional and lifetime trader Ralph Shell, to EA reviews and write-ups by our very own EA developer and very active automated trader.
Forex Razor Web Charts  

Web Charts

Web charting covering forex, commodities, and indices.  Forex charts have deep historical data and both bid and ask rates.

Forex Industry User Reviews

Every review is hand moderated and analyzed for suspicious activity.  All reviewers must be Razor members, thus the astute researcher will give more credit to reviews left by active community members than one-off reviewers.  Additionally, the review system offers a unique level of granularity.  Ratings can be applied on a per category basis.

Calculators and Tools

Advanced calculators such as our flexible pip calculator allowing many combinations of currency pairs along with output in many different currencies and historical pip rates.
Forex Razor Social Trading Forum  


The Razor forum is a community gathering place as well as a center for community feedback and suggestions.
Forex Razor Glossary  

Forex Glossary

Lookup forex terminology in the Razor fx glossary located at the Razor Forex School.

Stats - Easily Add Your MT4 Trading Account

There are no EA's to run, no hoops to jump through.  You may easily connect your MT4 trading account to our system by simply supplying the account number and investor password.  The investor password is read-only and does not allow trading thus you don't need to be worried about the security of your account.

Stats Feature - EA/Robot Search

When you add a stats account you may define trading robots that are used on the account.  When this is done, it creates a link that can then be clicked to search for all accounts in the system also using the same robot.  This is a great tool to assess the performance of a particular EA

Stats Feature - Commercial Provider Friendly

Commercial providers can list a price for their automated trading robots and input a link where other users can purchase their product or signup for a service.

Stats Feature - Custom Widgets

The custom widget allows you to choose from all available metrics and include the ones you choose on your widget, besides this a graph will be displayed and the size, colors, and title are completely customizable.  Once built, just copy the provided HTML code to display the widget on your blog or website.

Stats Feature - Pre-Defined Widgets

Choose from a variety of different widget types that allow you to copy the HTML code and use it to display the widget on your blog, website, forum signature, etc.

Stats Feature - Trading Journals

For each trading account you add to the stats system, you can keep a trading journal to record your psychology and strategy.  Keep your journal private or share it.

Stats Feature - Files

Upload files to your stats accounts and either keep them private or share them with the community.  A great way to provide demo EA's and freebies or open source code.

Stats Feature - No More Timezone Confusion

The timezones that brokers output trading records in can be confusing, so you can choose to display dates and times associated with your trading account records in either the broker's server timezone, or your own timezone according to your profile.

Stats Feature - Privacy

Choose from various privacy settings for each of your stats trading accounts.

Stats - Individual Privacy Settings

For those who wish to share their account performance with others but have certain things they don't want to share, for instance, open trades.

Stats Feature - Delay Position Reporting

For those who do want to share their open positions or pending orders with the community but would like it delayed rather than real- time.

Stats Feature - Searchable Account List

Search through all stats accounts added to the system that are not set to private.

Stats Feature - Multiple Graphs

The main graph that reports time weighted equity return low and high is very useful because it includes the full range of historical equity values as opposed to balance which can conceal risk trading and big drawdowns, but other graphs are provided for convenience including Balance, and Monthly P/L and %.

Social Profile Privacy

Choose from a variety of privacy settings for your trader profile.

Social Sharing Privacy

Choose who to share your posts with including uploaded files, links, status updates, etc.

Social - Friends and Mail

Add friends, accept or reject friend requests, and send messages to your friends.  Only friends may contact you so you don't have to worry about being spammed.
Forex Razor Social Trading Network  

Central Subscription Management

Manage everything you have subscribed to in one place, including forum threads, newsletters, etc.  Each automated email receive from us has opt out links to unsubscribe from everything or manage your subscriptions individually, and you don't even have to be logged in!
Forex Razor Social Trading  

Site Search

Search the entire site or choose to search only certain sections.
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