Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Industry User Reviews Contest $3700 in Prizes and 10 Winners!

Forex Razor Industry User Reviews Contest, May 2013
Contest - Starts: Immediately    End: May 9 10:00 AM UTC
Cash Back Forex / Forex Razor is asking for your help in building a collection of helpful industry user reviews and would also like to reward your efforts with some cash payouts / and links to your blog or website, if applicable.

Forex Razor is hosting an 'Industry Review' contest with 10 winners and $3700 in prizes

A Review will only take a few minutes of your time and your odds of winning are great relative to many other contests.

The way it works is this: you visit one of our user reviews sections, for instance broker reviews or EA reviews and write a high-quality review - you may write and submit a review for any item, up to a total of 4 items (you can write as many as you want but only up to 4 will count toward the contest) on any of the pages under the 'Reviews'.  We will then select the 50 most helpful reviews and randomly choose 10 of those as winners.  Each winner will receive $300 in cash except for the first review selected from the 50 finalists, which will receive $1000 in cash!

We will select the top 50 reviews based on quality – rest assured, it will not be based on grammar and good English!  Poor English is fine - it is the substance of the review we will look at.

Reviews can be both positive and negative, the important thing is that they be helpful to readers' considering doing business with the company or product you are writing about.  Writing 'I don't like them' is not helpful whereas writing 'On 3 separate occasions I could not contact their customer support through live chat or telephone for up to 20 minutes' is helpful.

We are looking for reviews, both positive and negative, containing constructive, factual and rational information that supports the given rating on ForexRazor.

Prizes and Winners
: The first review selected of the top 50 receives $1000, the remaining 9 receive $300 each.

Besides this, winners will have a chance to have a link to their blog or website mentioned in our blog post announcing the winners. There is no need to report your reviews, we will be looking at every review left between now and May 9 (Thursday, UTC).  All winners will receive an email asking for their payment details – Skrill, PayPal, or Bank Transfer – and if they would like to have their profile announced in our blog announcement, inclusive of a link to their blog or website.


We believe the core strength of our review system, besides excellent moderation and information tracing, is the fact that all reviews are linked to a User, thus you can research who that User is and what else the User has done and said on the website, or if a review was a one-off review with no other site activity or profile information.
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