Friday, 31 May 2013

Excel Markets - A Completely Different Type of Broker

Excel Markets ECN Forex Broker - Ultra-Low Spreads and Zero-Deposit Fees Excel Markets is an ultra-low spread broker. Average .37 pip spread + .5 pip commission = .87 pip cost round turn, and, since this is only an average it can be much lower during liquid market hours like US and London hours.

In line with our commitment to transparency here at Excel Markets, the commission rate of $5, or $2.5 per side (entry, edit) is the same across all currency pairs.

You may or may not be aware many firms base commission on the 'base currency' so if they can advertise a $5.00 USD commission rate - and it is true for a pair like USDJPY - but for GBPUSD the commission would be based on the price of the GBP, so the (current) commission rate would be about $7.60 - a nice added fee for the broker.

Most firms calculate commission this way because they get to advertise commission at a lower rate yet by far the most traded pairs like EURUSD and GBPUSD earn them a handsome sum of extra commission without many traders even realizing it, or, realizing it only after they have deposited funds and are already setup and trading.  Excel is regulated in New Zealand, unlike many firms who have falsely claimed they are regulated by the NZ FSP and/or FSCL.

Excel is regulated by the true New Zealand government futures and derivatives regulator, the Financial Markets Authority. Excel is also a member of the FSP and FSCL but these are not regulators, they are simple registration and dispute resolution schemes that include no oversight, auditing, capital requirements, etc.

Excel was built by the founders of Cash Back Forex and Forex Razor. has been known for 5+ years as a leader in customer service quality and reliability, while has become known for it's incredibly sophisticated technical features and expertise.

Excel Markets brings to market a broker and regulated Futures Dealer with ultra-low spreads, fanatical client services, strong capitalization, strong development of proprietary technology and intellectual property, constant updates and innovations, including non-expiring demo account to test all your strategies (must login once per year to keep your account), absolute disdain for high-pressure sales tactics/call centers with a commensurate bias in favor of reputation building through excellent products and services, mobile trading, multilingual support, and - for now - zero fees on deposits.

If you are looking to join a highly professional trading outfit with the very best products, services and support while ensuring your money is safely tucked away in segregated client deposit accounts At ANZ, a huge bank in the East with hundreds of locations, and protected by the government of New Zealand, one of the least affected by the recent and ongoing global financial disasters and consistently rated as one of the highest in terms of economic freedom, either look no further and signup today, or do look around and we hope you return and make Excel Markets your new brokerage home. 
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