Tuesday, 4 June 2013

New Excel Markets Demo Account Forex Trading Contests, June 2013

Wow, lots of industry news lately, Metaquotes is playing hardball with third party players, today announcing the banning of Zulutrade, Myfxbook, Tradency, Tradeo etc. which in some cases happened weeks ago but is just now being announced by Metaquotes.  On the one hand, you DO have to have proper controls in place to ensure the environments you are providing for brokers is secure and 100% reliable, and Metatrader admittedly needed some house cleaning and probably needs more.  On the other hand, it seems obvious to me anyways that the attacks are over-zealous and monopolistic in nature.  Anyhow, onto features and updates.

Great Update #1

Admittedly we foresaw years ago the deprecation of some of the methodologies used in respect to the recent bannings of several companies/products, and as a result you will continue to enjoy direct connection of your MT4 trading accounts at Forex Razor without the need for added EA's and client side publishing systems now required at Myfxbook and possibly elsewhere.

New Feature #1 - Referral System

We now have an easy to use affiliate referral system that awards both points and cash, and we will be expanding out the affiliate system to give increasingly better incentives.  If you refer a user who wins a contest, you now get earnings equal to 25% of the contest prize while your referral still gets 100% of his winnings.  Please see our new referrals page for your referral link, details about referrer benefits and referral tracking.  Why not increase your chance of winning some cash from our trading contests by referring other traders who also have a shot at making you some cash!

New Feature #2 - News Feed

We are attempting to build an industry-best news and analysis aggregation system.  We are generating news and analysis of our own, while attempting to aggregate the highest quality and most relevant and unique across the web while wrapping it in intuitive organization and navigation.  We think you deserve to easily find what you are looking for, rather than rooting through a bunch of irrelevant and low quality news, opinions, and "technical analysis" labelled generically as 'News'. We will be adding quite a lot to this initial release, including content, additional sections and navigation, and streaming abilities like our economic calendar.  You can view our feeds here - News or Articles and Analysis

New Trading Contest

Our new contest starts today, Tuesday 04 January 2013, this one is only 2 weeks and then another 2 week contest to follow immediately after with a total of $7000 in prizes and 12 winners.  This time you can refer some friends and get paid even if THEY win, with our referral system described above :)  Click here to view the rules and signup for the contest.

You might also notice some new things around the site including translation into different languages powered by Google machine translation in the upper right corner, and on the side and on article pages we have added social icons to make it easier to share content.

Excel Markets Demo Account Trading Contest

Thank you, and Good Luck!
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