Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Excel Markets Safe Trader's Demo Account Contest - Register Today, Start Tomorrow

Achieve Your Best Equity Increase – While Keeping Your Drawdown Less Than 10%.

Forex Razor is hosting another trading contest - The Safe Trader's Contest - with thousands in cash prizes just hours from now, don't worry registration is still open :)

Excel Markets Safe Trader's Demo Account Contest, July 2013Leverage 1:50; Opening Demo Account Balance $5,000USD; Contest Duration 2 weeks

Contest begins Wednesday 3rd July, 11 a.m. UTC - $3,500 USD Cash Prizes

Why maximum 10% Drawdown?
There are many contests geared for performance-at-all-costs, where traders put the pedal to the metal and trade like demons, over-leveraging on various pairs in the hopes of achieving a fast gains with scant regard for account safety.

We want to reward those able to establish a high return using low risk.

Why should YOU sign up?
  • Totally Free
  • Zero Risk - all trades are placed on Demo accounts
  • $3,500 Cash Prizes!
  • Winners are paid in Cash, not trading credits
  • Top 6 traders are paid Cash
  • Moderated to ensure a level playing field
Hurry and register NOW for your chance to WIN!

Excel Markets Safe Trader's Demo Account Contest
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