Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Winners - Excel Markets Safe Trader's Demo Account Contest

Congratulations! The Winners of the most recent Excel Markets-sponsored Safe Trader's Demo Account Trading Contest have been officially declared and you can see the final rankings, including the top 6, on the rankings page.  2 contestants were disqualified to get to the top 6; however, it is clear that Razor contestants are getting firmly to grips with the practicalities of trading drawdown, and we are confident that our commitment to guiding you, our Traders, to optimising your managed forex trading is paying off - for some of you in cold, hard cash. 

The contest rule that caused disqualification:
Rule 13. One entry per household and one IP.  We will track and enforce this using several tracking methods.

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We have emailed the winners to collect payment details and forward on payments asap.  If you are a winner please ensure you get us payment details within 30 days.

We realize it must be very disappointing to be in the top 6 and then get disqualified, and we realize most contests on the web don't have much moderation, if any, so this is a change; nevertheless, we aim to keep our contests fair for everyone.
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