Friday, 9 August 2013

New Forex Razor Features - Per Tick Custom Analysis and Tags

New Custom Analyzer Feature for Trading Performance Analyzer
The Forex Razor trading account performance analyzer now features a new dark gray button near the top right of the page that reads 'Analyze'.

Go to your own - or anyone else's - stats account: Stats > Browse Stats Accounts > [Account Name Link]

Click to Enlarge Trading Performance Analyzer

Clicking this will open up our new custom analyzer where you can
  1. filter trades from your account history, and 
  2. perform a customized analysis to see how you might improve your trading.  
For instance, you can see how your performance would have been different had you
  • only traded certain instruments
  • only traded certain days or times of day
  • only took buy trades or sell trades, particular 'magic numbers', etc.  
This new feature not only filters trades based on your selected criteria, but performs an equity calculation for every pertinent tick in history, thereby rendering a highly precise equity graph and derivative calculations such as drawdown (see below for an image of our custom analyzer features).

Click to Enlarge Forex Razor Trading Performance Analyzer

New Tags Feature
We have also added the tags feature to trade history, allowing you to maintain a set of tags which can then be applied to any trade in history for either informational purposes only, or to use in the custom analysis feature above.

Click to Enlarge Forex Razor New Tags Feature

The new custom analysis feature can be a lot of fun and really helpful, although you have to be careful about the same 'over-optimizations' you might make when creating an EA.

I was looking around our test lab for a robot with excellent performance over time on a live account and came across the Wall Street Forex Robot running on a live Excel Markets Account.  Wondering how I might improve the performance, I switched the timezone selector on custom analysis to the UTC -5 (New York) timezone to be sure I was going to be analyzing based on the timezone I wanted to be in, then I de-selected all days but Tuesday - Thursday, because I consider all other days less consistent, less liquid etc. 

Hitting the analyze button and - wham! - it brought up a much nicer equity curve (below) and brought the account from 37% gain with a 12% drawdown to a 48% gain with a 12% drawdown, and from the looks of the equity curve a lot less drawdowns along the way.  Not Bad! 

Please keep in mind, while this feature may look like something you have seen elsewhere, it isn't, it works on a per tick basis through history and precision takes time, so it can take some time to perform the calculations and render results.

BEFORE Custom Analysis

Click to Enlarge

AFTER Custom Analysis (making it trade only on Tue., Wed., Thu.)

Click to Enlarge

Surprising Comparison of Precision of ForexRazor Performance Analyzer vs. Others
After receiving many questions about why some of our calculations such as drawdown differ from other analyzers on the web, we have posted a blog post about how and why we are able to achieve a much higher degree of precision than similar systems that appear outwardly similar, complete with specific examples of the same account connected to each system showing very different metrics.  Read it here.
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