Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Trade To Excel Forex Demo Account Contest

Congratulations! The Winners of the Excel Markets Target DD Account Trading Contest have been officially declared and you can see the final rankings, including the top 10, on the rankings page

From the original top 10 at contest end, 2 contestants were DQ’d for trading multiple accounts and 4 contestants were DQ’d because they did not satisfy the 15-trade minimum rule.

It is clear that Razor contestants are getting firmly to grips with the practicalities of trading drawdown, and we are confident that our commitment - with our sponsoring partner ExcelMarkets.com - to guiding you, our fellow Traders, to optimising your risk-managed forex trading is paying off - for some of you in cold, hard cash. 

Click to Enlarge Winners List

We have emailed the Winners to secure payment details so that we may forward on payments asap.  If you are a winner please ensure you get us payment details within 30 days.

CURRENT CONTEST: Excel Markets Trade To Excel Demo Contest - 'til November 18th - $2,500 USD Cash Prizes - 5 Winners - 1st Prize USD1,000

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